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The No-Self Experience

           Proof that We are All ONE

  Chapters   (Note: You will need Microsoft Word in order to open the Chapters)

1)   Introduction
2)   Triggering the Experience
3)   Additional Ways to Trigger the Experience
4)   Testimonials
5)    The Meaning behind No-Self
            Ch. 5 includes:
                  -The Meaning of the Statement - 'There is no YOU'
                  -Experience vs. Realization
                  -The Void

6)    Your Purpose (The Big Picture)
            Ch. 6 includes:
                 -Three Perspectives of Existence 
                 -Absolute Truth and Relative "Truth"
                 -The Ego-self  

7)    Overcoming Duality
8)    Overcoming Control
             Ch. 8 includes:
                  -The Mechanism of Divine Order
                  -An Example of Surrender (My Story)

9)    Overcoming Judgment
10)  Overcoming Separation
Ch. 10 includes:
                   -Connecting to Source

11)  Overcoming Superiority
12)  Overcoming Fear
Ch. 12 includes:
                   -'A Dark Night of the Soul' 
                   -Practicing the Presence
                   -Developing Faith

13)  Deconstructing the Ego-self (Summary)
14)  Vibrational Levels of Consciousness
15)  The Gift
16)  Further 'Enlightenment'
Ch. 16 includes: 
                    -There is ONLY 'me'
                    -The Hologram
                    -No-self & ONE-Self

17)  Further 'Enlightenment' (continued)
Ch. 17 includes: 
                     -100% Responsibility
                     -The 3 Perspectives of the ONE
                     -The Law of Perfection



This morning I had the deepest and most beautiful experience of my life. I was reading [Chapter 16] again. This time, it truly sunk in past my ego-self. I began to cry and to feel ALL that it meant to BE GOD. To have Unconditional Love for the ALL. I was blown away. Stepping into the shoes of Creator. In a strange way to know that you ARE ALL THAT IS...ALL humbling. So, I want to thank you brother for helping me to step into the Truth. What a gift. I am infinitely grateful. There is something that you share that takes away the fear in this process.

Much Love, Light and deep Appreciation,


Well, basically I tried the whole "No-Self experience" and was saying to myself.." DOES make sense" however I got done with the whole experience part and nothing really changed or happened..but something told me to keep looking for something, just wait. (now..if you know me, I am not the biggest reader) LOL.

So then I went to the 'More Info' section and downloaded the e-Book, and I got to a certain point and it was like BOOOOOM.. I want to say it was where it was talking about looking at life are here for God to experience life through you and once you let go of the "ego-self", you can let in the "God-Self" [Chapter 6]. That's when I felt an amazing energy. 30 or so minutes before everything really happened my head started tingling ..more than usual. Then it stopped for a little. Then it almost felt like a wave of absolute positivity and the purest love went all through me. I could not stop smiling! (and I rarely smile...especially when it's just me in my room, lol).

I was doing a lot of reading and thinking about it all and understanding was like looking at everything through glass just imagining what it felt like. The feeling I had was amazing, it is actually hard to describe the actual FEELING, aside from it was something I had never felt before! I woke up today with a huge smile on my face and could see God is everyone and everything!

I told my friend's mother..who is like my second mother (a yoga teacher/very awake) and she told me that I had a spiritual awakening, so I can now say I am awake. ALSO, I wrote this really fast because I was excited to tell you! My grammar is usually much better, HAHA 

Peace and Love ! =)             -Avaire

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